Sushi 25 Cafe

Sushi 25 CafeHunan on Elm Restaurant offers delicious tasting Chinese cuisine and fresh sushi in New Canaan, CT. Hunan on Elm's convenient location and affordable prices make our restaurant a natural choice for eat-in or take-out meals in the New Canaan community. Our restaurant is known for its variety in taste and high quality fresh ingredients. Come and experience our friendly atmosphere and excellent service.

Serves inventive Japanese & Chinese cuisine ranging from sushi, sashimi and creative salads to signature dishes.
We also provides catering services, private rooms, outdoor dining spaces and a vibrant bar.





















Michael L.

It is rare that an asian-fusion restaurant can pull off a menu that offers both Chinese and Japanese.  I've found that most places that attempt to do this can't prepare either well.  From my experience, Sushi 25 has it down solid.Fantastic Szechuan stir-fry and tasty sushi!  Unrelated note:  I ordered a "Gin and tonic", but the waiter apparently heard "Tsing Tao" and brought out the Asian beer instead.   Just thought that was funny...  I kept the beer, and for when you go, a beer goes really well with that stir-fry.


Alexandra C.

The worker here was very nice, wish is a refreshing change in NC!The lunch specials are a good deal also for this town.  (Says .50 online but they are .50 each).   Unfortunately the chicken with soy ginger sauce had zero ginger flavor and no real flavor at all to the sauce.  The broccoli was cooked to perfection though and the chicken quality wasn't bad and they give a lot of it.   The hot and sour soup was average.  The chicken with eggplant and garlic sauce was unfortunately loaded with way too much oil and the eggplant was mush.  If they took out most of the oil this would have been a good dish.  Lots of chicken, which was tender and not dried out and the sauce had a good flavor.  But as often happens with this one dish I still like to order, it was drowning in oil.This place could be pretty good if they improve a few things.


Sush S.

Nice place to stop on a long road trip. The service was quick. The Thai food was a little salty but the sushi was great!


Roy s.

Not bad not great. My family and I are new residents of New Canaan and have had take out from here twice. Both the sushi and Chinese are ok but nothing more.  For what it is the the prices are a little high.


Chris P.

I had lunch here twice, once Japanese and once Chinese and both times felt really bad after.  The miso soup tasted like dish water and everything else was strangely sweet and low quality.  I think the word must be out-- both times, other than me, the place was completely empty.


Aaien T.

Update on this place. It is still totally horrible. On a Friday night it's empty. Totally unsanitary. I saw the sushi chefs touching a dirty rag in between making my sushi roll. They also use this rag to wipe up the dirty counter. So disgusting. Health committee needs to get in here


Jennifer G.

OK Chinese, Japanese and some Thai dishes. It does everything OK, but nothing stellar. It is not equal to Ching's Table on the Chinese front. Ching's is MUCH better, but this place is quick.


Rj L.

Decided to do take out because the last time we tried to eat here it was like eating in a high school cafeteria. It being Saturday night  7 pm and just about every table was filed with high school kids with their cell phones out. Went to pick up my food and I noticed that the woman ahead of me took her order out of the bag and thoroughly checked through it.  Silly me, I didn't take the hint. I ordered the sushi sashimi chef special with extra wasabi and ginger. My wife ordered the chicken teriyaki. Got home only to discover no extra ginger and a little cup with 8 crumbs and I mean 8 little crumbs of wasabi in it. No even enough for a regular meal. The chicken teriyaki was so greasy that my wife threw half of it away. Called up to tell them how disappointed I was with their restaurant and the woman answering the phone couldn't care less.  Basically said too bad for you, don't bother me.  Well  I won't bother with them anymore.


Nick P.

Really good sushi come here all the time with my girlfriend. I don't understand why some people say it's super market sushi. It really isn't even close. You watch them make your sushi right in front of you. Really a great place to go to on a date.


Thurman H.

I really enjoy this place every time I go. The service can be slow and the prices too high, but the food is nothing short of enjoyable


Cameron Y.

Whether you want Japanese or Chinese, they got both here.  I have never been disappointed in the food.  It is always fresh and very tasty.  Service can be a little slow if you eat here during peek dinner time.


Victor T.

Wonderful place as usual Karen is the best as a server & always makes our day & prices are reasonable


Cynthia F.

Great food !! It has been my favorite sushi place for years, also has great Chinese food - something for everything  !!! A date night must.


Justin S.

The food was ok, nothing out of the ordinary. The specialty roll I ordered was good, but seemed a little overpriced for the size. Not sure if they have heat, as it was freezing in there!



Try the mango dish.  Loved it with tofu but definitely would be amazing with any meat.  Sushi is great and they have a brown rice option!  So happy to have this place in New Canaan.


Bill S.

Worst sushi ever.  I've been to easily 300 places all over the world and this one takes the cake - it's the only game in town and plays to the competition...


Jesus D.

I seldom attempt sushi spots with such light reviews on yelp but I had to as this is one of the few in my neighborhood. I crossed my fingers as I ordered and was extremely happy as the eel melted deliciously in my mouth. Thank goodness I live a few blocks away from quality sushi  for the next 30 years of my life.


Sujatha H.

I had to pick up dinner here a few weeks ago on a Saturday night. Like I said in my first review, they do a lot of take out orders on Friday and Saturday night, so much so that the space next to the register is totally packed with orders waiting to be picked up.  If they know they are this busy and have just as many people calling in as people who are standing in front of them waiting to pay and leave... Why do they only have one person in charge of everything?  I arrive and I only had one person in front of me waiting to get his food, so I assume I'll be in and out relatively fast.  The woman at the computer is on the phone and she proceeds to take a few orders until she acknowledges the man in front of me.  He gets his food and walks out.  She goes back to answering phones.  I understand this, I figure she'll probably take another call and then help me.   Instead, she takes orders from four separate callers.  Four!  She finally hangs up and looks at me and says "phone number?" No "sorry about that, we get so busy!" or anything.  I almost walked out but I was picking up the food for my boss.The food here is good but they need a second person to help on busy nights.  i can only imagine how long I would have had to wait if more than one person had been in front of me.


Erik C.

New Canaan's Most Reliable Chinese/Thai/JapaneseIf we could give 3 1/2 stars, I'd do that here.The diversity of this menu is a stroke of geeeeeeeeeenius. (Imitating Chef Ron-Ben Israel) Not sweet genius but sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umai genius. Why genius? Because whatever sort of hunger you have, this place will satiate it.If you want something greasy, you can go for the various teriyakis. If you just want a light meal, the salads hit the spot (especially seaweed and the one with the mango). Sushi mood? You've got your choice. Hot summer night when you want something spicy? Various Thai offerings do the trick. Sushi 25 is a classic "go-to" restaurant; whatever you feel like eating, you'll find it here, Asian style.The food isn't spectacular, but it is reliable. I can't think of a single dish at Sushi 25 where I was like, "that's a masterpiece". But it's all pretty good. The fish is usually pretty fresh. The tempura is usually pretty crispy. The seaweed salad usually has a nice, non-goopy consistency.That's why, I think, Sushi 25 has been able to hang around so long while other restaurants open and fold in New Canaan. The crowd's diverse: families with kids poking at their first sashimi, good-looking couples looking into each other's moonpie eyes, the lone businessman, tie undone, exhausted after a day's work. Pretty much the whole population of New Canaan, I think, has been through the doors of Sushi 25 at some point.When my dad and I want to go out for dinner, we only have to wink and nod and we know that we both mean, "Sushi 25." We don't even have to *say* it. If we don't specify which restaurant, Sushi 25 is the default.


Ellis C.

I had the King Crab Tempura roll and Lobster Mango roll...Good Food, Good service, quiet setting for lunch...everything was freshly made..highly recommend Sushi 25 if you are a sushi lover !!!